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Manners Composite Stocks

Manners MCS-NS Night Stalker (Short Action)

$1,449.00 - $1,638.00
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The MCS-NS (Nightstalker) is the perfect platform for a compact, easily stowed, bolt action rifle. Featuring a quickly deployable butt system, it adjusts from 11.25” to 14.5” with one push of a button, giving you a choice of 9 rock-solid positions. With a few quick turns of the button, you can lock the system to your desired setting. It comes paired with the new MCS ½” pad that may be adjusted slightly right to left. A machined-in flush cup is standard on the left side as well. 

The MCS-NS features a unique EFR mounting rail system that is molded into the shell of the stock, greatly increasing the strength and allowing us to keep the fore-end narrow while providing a 1.25”
through-hole for up to an M24 barrel contour. Each rail is equipped with a flush cup and is able to mount the optional EFR bridge in multiple locations front to back. The rail may also be rotated 180* for more adjustability. Set-screws are included to install in the rails while in the field to keep out dirt and debris when the optional bridge is not installed.

The addition of a full-length adjustable ambidextrous cheek sets the Night Stalker above the competition. The cheek system includes lightweight, compact, quickly-adjustable riser hardware with a traditional back post equipped with an e-clip to set the height. To quickly remove and install the cheek on the stock, the NS incorporates a wedge locking system requiring a 5/32’ Allen wrench. Optional EFR Bridge with machined-in top picatinny rail for night optics of your choice. Additionally included is a picatinny side rail that can be attached either right or left. Forward and backward adjustments are also possible.

The Nightstalker is also equipped with an MCS original zero-exposure bipod rail with a snag-free design. This is a dual compatibility rail with a machined-in flush cup.
The rail works with both Harris and pic rail mounted bipods, with the rear of the rail actually molded into the stock. The molded-in design allows it to withstand any amount of recoil or load placed on the stock from the bipod. In addition to the zero-exposure rail, the Nightstalker comes standard with a 7.5” arca mount which is recessed into the stock just ahead of the magazine area.



  • 2.8 to 3.1 lbs in standard configuration
  • Mini-Chassis versions equipped with Manners Micro-Chassis
  • M24 Barrel Inlet 
  • EFR Mounting Rail Bridge Included (Contact us if you wish to have the top rail ommited)
  • Fully adjustable LOP, Cheek and EFR mount
  • Full wraparound structured shell
  • Molded-in texture and color camo
  • Integral multi-use bipod/tripod and EFR mounts included

Standard configuration includes: stock, adjustable butt system with pad and flush cup, adjustable full-length cheek with quick-adjust hardware, full action inlet or micro-chassis, barrel inlet, 7.5” arca rail, bipod dual-purpose rail with flush cup, molded-in EFR rails with cups, elite tactical carbon fiber shell and choice of elite tac camo pattern, EFR top rail/bridge, nitride and hard coat finishes. Standard configuration weight range is 2.8 to 3.1 lbs.