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SilencerCo , now in it’s 6th year of  operation, makes more silencers than any other suppressor manufacturer in the market. And while SilencerCo certainly isn’t going to complain about the quantity of suppressors they manufacture, it’s the quality and innovation of their product that has set them apart from the competition. Never ones to be satisfied with “good enough”, SilencerCo is constantly searching for ways to make silencers lighter, shorter, more durable, and quieter. This unrelenting innovation and desire to continuously improve has made SilencerCo the primary choice among discerning shooters.
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  • Silencerco Omega 7.62mm Silencer (FDE)

    Silencerco Omega 7.62mm Silencer (FDE)

      The Omega™ is a combination of all the best features from SilencerCo's .30 caliber centerfire rifle silencer lines in one silencer – shortest, lightest, quietest, most versatile, full auto and magnum rated with an integral recoil...

    MSRP: $914.99
  • SilencerCo Sparrow22 SilencerCo Sparrow22

    SilencerCo Sparrow22

      One of our first products ever and still the best selling rimfire silencer ever, the Sparrow™ 22 was designed with simplicity, durability, and user serviceability as its core objectives. It is the shortest rimfire silencer on the market,...

  • SilencerCo Saker556 SilencerCo Saker556

    SilencerCo Saker556

      The Saker features the unique MAAD cap for user adaptability, including the standoff/rebar cutter, and the effective and compact flash hider front cap. The Patent pending Trifecta MAAD mount and Trifecta flash hider are the industry’s most...

  • SilencerCo Harvester SilencerCo Harvester

    SilencerCo Harvester

      Hunting requires a silencer that is hearing safe, lightweight, has minimal POI shift, and is versatile enough to suppress small to magnum calibers. The Harvester™ is a lightweight, accurate, and dependable direct thread silencer designed...

4 of 4 Items