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Altus Shooting Center offers range memberships for the marksman interested in a semi-private, professional, and family friendly shooting atmosphere. With a list of features and amenities that rival the best in the nation, Altus Shooting Center is sure to exceed all expectations.

In an effort to maintain an adequate shooter number and minimize potential overcrowding, we have chosen to place a priority on our member’s experience. In doing so we have made the decision to put a limit on the number of memberships available. Having said that, what are you waiting for? Join today while slots are still available and become a member to the Southeast’s preeminent shooting facility.


How To Become A Member


Step 1

Add the Membership Initiation Fee to your cart and checkout. Once you have registered and paid the initiation fee, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to the following documents: membership application/contract, liability waiver, and range rules/procedures.


Step 2

Print, review, complete and sign the membership application/contract, liability waiver, and range rules/procedures forms here. Ensure you fill out all applicable personal information (print neatly).


Step 3

An Altus staff member will contact you to schedule your new member orientation. Orientation is mandatory for membership. You will need to bring membership application/contract, liability waiver, and range rules/procedures paperwork to the orientation. During the orientation we will give you your membership card, go over the range rules, conduct a walk through, and provide you with independent access to the facility. This will take approximately 30 minutes. At the time of completion we will charge you for the first month of your membership and your membership privileges begin immediately following.


Please note that all memberships are one-year minimum contracts. Active duty military personnel should alert an Altus representative prior to deployment so we can freeze your membership payments.

For any questions regarding memberships, contact Anissa Thompson at