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Altus Shooting Solutions is the training destination for several of our Nations most elite Special Operations Units and Law Enforcement alike.

We offer purpose built, 5-day curriculums focused on combat applications for Pistol, Carbine and Precision Rifle.  These courses not only focus on the technical applications of shooting, but also tactics, teamwork, decision making and balance of speed and accuracy under stress.


All of our prior Special Operations Instructors have held formal instructor titles and are experienced in developing curriculums in-line with modern military doctrine and tactics.

Altus’s range complex is unlike any other in the United States. With over 239 acres of ranges, 400 steel targets, Humanoid Engageable Target Robot Systems, props, facades and vehicles, Altus is able to recreate complex tactical problems to challenge shooters in unique ways.

Onsite lodging makes it easy for organizations that need to travel or be on TDY status for training. Our newly built 1.7-million-dollar lodging facility offers secure storage, a full Rogue Systems gym, briefing room, dining area, sleeping quarters for up to 40 individuals, kitchen, grills, refrigerators, ice machine, coffee maker, big screen TV’s, arcade games, weapons cleaning area and picnic tables.

Altus gets yearly military usage range inspections/certifications for safety and also has two surveyed Helicopter Landing Zones on site. We can provide the range safety reports and Helicopter Landing Zone documents on request.

Because of the unique nature of our military training packages, please contact us directly for a quote. We offer standard 5-day packages but will also develop curriculums based on your organization’s unique training objectives.