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Altus Shooting Solutions

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PREREQUISITES: All students attending must have basic weapons handling skills, able to safely load and unload a weapon, and put it into operation effectively.


Serviceable carbine (9mm, 45ACP, 5.56mm, or 7.62x39mm)

Minimum of 4 serviceable magazines

Minimum of 1 magazine pouch or suitable method to carry spare magazines

Eye and Ear protection

Sling – suitable for a variety of shooting positions – tactical style preferred

500 rounds of ammunition (NO STEEL CORE)

Any equipment the individual cannot provide must be communicated to the CORE prior to the beginning of training. CORE will fill the shortages on a case-by-case basis.



Key Course Topics

  • Fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Immediate and remedial action carbine
  • Draw stroke
  • Aimed quick fire
  • Rapid aimed fire
  • Thread identification
  • Multiple target indexing
  • Shooting while moving in all directions
  • Shooting while using cover


  • 5
    Great day of training

    Posted by John McElroy on Oct 10th 2020

    Rodney is a great instructor. I cant recommend Altus or this course enough.

  • 5
    Carbine Intro

    Posted by Jeff Cain on Oct 10th 2020

    Excellent class with a great pace for new and experienced shooters. From sighting your rifle to shooting off rooftops and vehicles! Not your avg intro class!

  • 5
    Matt's Day Out

    Posted by Jonathan Hayden on Oct 24th 2017

    I just have to say that Matt gave me all the information and instruction to confidently operate my rifle in a safe and effective manner. The drills were superb in reinforcing the basics and challenging enough to keep it fun. If you just got your rifle and want key pointers to effectively get on target. Matt is a great instructor for rifle instruction.

  • 5
    Fine day at the range!!

    Posted by Mike Moorefield on Nov 14th 2016

    This course is one that offers excellent drills for those wanting to see how a carbine part of a 3 gun course might look if you have ever been interested in the competiti0on. Also, CQB type drills for home defense ALWAYS stressing safety, muzzle awareness and various types of magazine exchanges. Matty Nelson is an excellent instructor and takes time to make sure all participants are comfortable with a drill before beginning one. Class size was great and we were able to make several runs through each drill. You also come away with several exercises you can do in your spare time away from a range. Especially the magazine exchange exercises. Me being left handed proved to be no problem for Matty to explain the drills, especially the tac magazine exchange. I would highly recommend this class to further your knowledge of the carbine and receive great instruction from a high energy, very knowledgeable instructor.
    I will be back for more....

    Mike Moorefield

  • 5
    Intro to Carbine Course

    Posted by Juston Carter on Nov 13th 2016

    This course really helped me establish a base to work and improve my carbine skills from. I have been shooting for years but had never had any formal or professional training so this was a huge help. Matt was extremely helpful and made sure to stay with you long enough till you felt comfortable doing the movement and drills. Safety was held as the #1 priority the entire day and he stressed the importance of muzzle awareness and safety manipulation. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their shooting skills with a carbine. Definitely will be returning to CORE for future training!

  • 5
    Carbine class 8/13/16

    Posted by Patrick Winters on Aug 15th 2016

    I just finished up the intro to carbine this weekend. This is my second class the first being the intro to pistol with Matt and I could not be more pleased. He is an excellent instructor and stresses safety, muzzle awareness and hydration the entire class. I have very limited carbine skills and some of the students had never even shot an AR before. By the end of the class everyone was able to shoot, move and hit accurately which is a testament to Matts ability to teach. Matt is one if the nicest guys you will ever want to meet and you can tell he genuinely enjoys teaching . He definitely keeps you entertained and has an eagle eye so he catches all the mistakes being made and helps you correct them without ever being intimidating. What I like about his classes are the skills are real world skills that are practical and could save your life. As you will hear if you take any of his classes, a half of a second can change the world which comes from real life experiences. As you can tell I am quite a fan and for a good reason. I plan on continuing my training with Matt and Core. Do yourself a favor and take some classes, you won`t be disappointed.
    Thanks Matt

  • 5
    Carbine Course

    Posted by Jack Ward on Apr 26th 2016

    Almost don't know were to start. If you are new or experienced with a carbine, you will come away with new skills to practice. Matt's proficiency with a carbine is phenomenal, to be accurate. Watching him repeat techniques to within fractions of an inch is amazing to me. If I simply do what he demonstrated/taught to us on Sunday, my skill set will be what I always hoped it could be. You will shoot many rounds in this class and if like me, will have the marks on your shoulder to prove it. LOLMatt is a patient, persistent instructor, with humor thrown in for good measure. He has a wonderful knowledge of carbine work and can consistently impart that to others. He never misses anything when observing a student. The classes are kept small, so one on one time is way more than I expected and greatly appreciated by this me. He stresses hydration all day and is ready to answer any questions thrown at him. I was the only civilian in the class and never felt out of place at any time during the daylong class.
    If I sound like a fan, believe me, I am. I will practice what was shown me and hopefully move to the next level of instruction sometime in the future. Core has really great instructors. I have taken more than one LR course and this was my first ever carbine course. I also plan to take pistol instruction in the future. I enjoy long range as well as 2-gun and I know that the carbine class will help me get to the next level in my competitions.

    Thank you Matt and thank you Core.