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ALTUS 2 Day Comprehensive Concealed Carry & Tac Med Course

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The 2 Day Comprehensive Concealed Carry Course is focused on practical applications of self defense with a handgun, introduction to basic knife/bladework and tactical medical training.


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Course Description

*Academics to include case studies of self defense situations, crime statistics and laws governing the use of lethal force.

*Concealed carry considerations to include methods of carry (appendix, strong side, small of back, shoulder and ankle carry.)

* Everyday carry gear considerations to include holsters, lights, extra magazine, sturdy belt, low vis IFAK’s.

* IFAK usage and tactical trauma care algorithms

* Practical pistol work from concealment

* Getting off the x and using movement

* Retention Shooting and Point Shooting from Concealment

* Working in and around vehicles (points of cover)

* HEKTR drills from concealment

* Post engagement procedures to include Trauma Care

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Overall Course Schedule

Saturday 8:30 AM- Arrive at Altus Shooting Solutions

                 9:00 AM- Safety Brief/Academics/ Dry Reps

                10:00 AM- Range Time

               12:00 PM- Lunch

                 1:00 PM- Range Time

                 5:00 PM- End of Training Day

Saturday Night, full access to lodge and amenities are available to students.

Sunday 9:00 AM- Range Time

             12:00 PM- Lunch

              4:00 PM- Instructor Led Course Review, Certificates Awarded

Note* As this is a full 2-day training course, please bring food and drinks to last you both days. There is plenty of refrigerator and food storage space available at the lodge.

The kitchen is stocked with pots, pans, cookware, plates, cups and silverware for you to utilize.

Bottled water will be provided during the course and a restaurant grade ice machine is onsite to refill any coolers.

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PREREQUISITES: This is “crawl, walk, jog” course.  

At a minimum, participants need to demonstrate safe weapons handling skills, understand basic operation of their handgun including loading and unloading/clearing procedures.

Weapons and Gear:

Below you will find a list of the minimum equipment that will be necessary to complete the course.

While not necessary, you may want to consider some of the items on the recommended gear list as it can greatly enhance your training experience. Much of this gear can be found in the Altus Range Pro Shop.



Serviceable Handgun - We generally do not recommend anything less than 9mm.  Smaller caliber handguns often utilize low-capacity magazines which can diminish training time. However, if you have a handgun in a caliber less than 9mm that you want to train with, you are more than welcome to attend.

Minimum of 3 serviceable magazines

Minimum of 1 spare concealed magazine pouch

Eye and ear protection

Weather appropriate clothing

Serviceable inside of the waistband carry holster. We recommend a good kydex holster from a reputable manufacturer. Please ensure the holster has good retention as we will be moving dynamically, kneeling, crouching etc… The holster needs to completely encompass trigger/guard

Sturdy Belt Suitable for your chosen concealment holster

700 rounds of ammunition

Any equipment the individual cannot provide must be communicated to ALTUS prior to the beginning of training. ALTUS will fill the shortages on a case-by-case basis.


Pocket Flashlight or small weapon mounted light

Individual First Aid Kit with Tourniquet

Multitool (sight adjustments, weapon repairs etc.)


Training Blade- Altus utilizes Emmerson CQC style training blades for knife work. If you have a blade you carry, feel free to bring a TRAINING BLADE in that style


2 Reviews

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    Useful Class

    Posted by Anissa on Mar 11th 2024

    I would highly recommend taking this class. The information provided was practical and so easy to digest. Josh is a great instructor, he provides the information in a logical and gradual way to not overwhelm but still challenge. Getting to shoot the moving HEKTR target gave more realism to the scenarios and allowed you to think through the situation under stress.

  • 5
    EDC course

    Posted by Joel on Mar 1st 2024

    Josh is one of the best communicators I've had the privilege of training under. He has an ability to take concepts that seem complicated and make them easily digestible. The range is fantastic along with the accommodations. The HEKTR training robot provides a level of stress and realism that I haven't experienced before. Highly recommend this class.