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Hornady Match 6mm GT 109gr ELD-M Ammo

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The 6mm GT, Hornady's most recent short action cartridge release, has quickly become one of the hottest cartridges on the precision rifle scene. Featuring a new projectile from Hornady, the 109 gr ELD-M, the 6GT loaded ammo features a bullet body shape identical to the 110 gr A-Tip, but uses Hornady's red Heat Shield Tip. 


  • Bullet Weight: 109 grains
  • Hornady part number / SKU: 81597GA
  • 6mm / .243" diameter
  • Ballistic coefficient G7 0.295 
  • We recommend 1:7.5" to 1:7”
  • Length of bullet: 1.317"
  • ~2900 feet per second from a 24" test barrel. 

6mm GT was reviewed and accepted as a SAAMI standard cartridge in January 2022!

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*BOX OF 20 ROUNDS (10 Boxes to a case)

1 Review

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    Hornady 6mm GT ammo

    Posted by Sarkis Etoian on Feb 21st 2024

    As some one who does not reload and with the 6mm GT platform, my options for ammo are limited. Price is fair and ammo performance is very good. Worth the investment in the platform.