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Foundation Rifle Stocks

Foundation Rifle Stocks Samson Pre Order Deposit

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***In stock options are what is currently still available on 1st batch from Foundation. Stocks expected to ship in May. No refunds available for deposit orders.


***Genesis 2 Grip Model Pictured. Centurion Model Will Feature Vertical Grip*** 

We are proud to introduce our latest edition to the competition line-up available from Foundation Stocks. The stock is called the Samson, partly because when fitted with the full brass kit you need Samson’s strength to haul it around.

Standard Features Rear to Front:

  • 4-way Adjustable Recoil Pad 
  • Internal bolt in buttstock weights
    • Four .990” brass weights – 11oz total – use all, some or none
  • Adjustable Cheek Piece with KMW ACP Hardware
  • Inlet for Hawkins Precision M5 DBM
  • Grip
    • Genesis 2 or Centurion Grip Available
    • Grip Stippling
  • Ambidextrous Thumb Shelf
  • Fore end side inserts.
    • Four QD cups / Sykes Clutch locations per insert
    • Three ¼-20 tapped blind holes per insert for additional accessories
    • Standard inserts made of hard anodized aluminum – 2.3 oz per / 11 oz. total with bolts.
      • Upgrade to Brass Inserts – 7.3 oz per / 30 oz total with bolts.
  • Textured fore end 
  • Integrated Arca rail – hard anodized aluminum standard – 16 oz aluminum
    • Upgrade to full Brass Arca rail – 3lbs 4oz total
  • 4” three position Micarta Barrel Bridge
  • Stock fore end bolt in internal brass weights – 6 piece / 6oz total – use all, some or none.

Stock Weights:

W/ standard aluminum side inserts and Arca rail – 8lbs 8oz.

W/ optional brass side inserts and Arca Rail – 11lbs 15oz.