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Foundation Rifle Stocks

Foundation Rifle Stocks "REVELATION"

$1,255.00 - $1,380.00
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The Foundation Revelation is geared towards mid to long range hunters who desire a solid Foundation in the field

Due to being machined out of a solid piece of micarta, the Foundation Rifle Stocks manufacturing process features several advantages over traditional stock manufacturing.

  • The solid block of material gives a dense homogenous material that is absent of any air pockets or voids often found in composite stocks.

  • The structure, density, and stability of the material allows Foundation to machine structural features into the stock that create a balanced stock while maintaining high levels of strength and rigidity.

  • The compression strength of the material allows Foundation Stocks to build an action/DBM specific stock that requires no bedding or pillars.

  • The material is very durable and stable in extreme environments. It is also extrememly resilient to abuse and can be easily brought back to its original luster if scarred.

Foundation Rifle Stocks uses advanced CAD software to design and model their stocks, while also working with action manufactures and rifle builders to provide precise and exact fitment. The end result is a stock that exhibits a fit and finish that is umatched by any composite stock on the market.

Standard Features

  • Precision Machined Micarta Stock
  • Hawkins Precision M5 DBM Inlet
  • Drop In Design – Specific to action, bottom metal and barrel contour
  • Stock ships with one .500” spacer and Pachmayr recoil pad creating a 13.5” LOP. Spacer can be removed for shorter LOP and additional spacers can be requested for longer LOP.
  • Barrel contour to accomodate most barrel contours
  • Adjustable cheek piece with KMW Loggerhead Hardware
  • 5 Flush Cups Installed – Two per side, one on bottom of buttstock
  • 11.25” Anschutz Rail Installed
  • Weight is 62oz

***Picatinny Rail Adapters Sold Separately.