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SPUHR 34mm Unimount (1.10" Height)

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Height: 28 mm/1.10" 
Length:121 mm/4.76"

Made on request from George Gardner of GA Precision.

Special mount with extra low height. Due to its low height it will not work with scopes like S&B 5-25 and 3-20 or the Kahles k624i as the erector housing will collide with the bridge between the rings. It works fine with Bushnells and S&B 3-12 and 4-16.

The special feature is an extra front clamping screw allowing the SP-4011 to be mounted partly forward - in a cantilever position - on the Picatinny rail of the action.

This is especially useful on AR-type rifles and actions with integrated Picatinny rails like Defiance, Surgeon and Impact, where the rail isn't sufficiently long for the desired eye-relief with some scopes.

10-degree wedge included