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Leofoto GS-3 Clamp Lightweight Rifle Clamp Support Mount

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The Leofoto GS-3 Support Mount is a lighter version of the Leofoto GS-2 Support Mount, despite offering the same level of stability. It securely holds equipment without a pre-existing mount port/interface to a tripod. It is fully ambidextrous and features inward-angled jaws that wedge equipment into the clamp for a secure fit. The GS-3 has a double start thread that allows both jaws to move together, providing a center of balance for products between 1-3 inches in width.

The textured rubber pads on the GS-3 are designed to create maximum surface area grip and hold equipment securely in place, preventing any slipping or movement during use.

  • Includes Arca-Swiss Compatible QR Plate
  • Includes 2.5mm and 4mm Allen Wrenches 
  • Clamping width range: 28mm to 80mm (1.1 inches to 3.1 inches)
    Length: 113mm (4.45 inches)
    Width: 76mm (2.99 inches)
    Height: 85mm (3.35 inches)
    Weight: 410g (14.46 ounces)