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The Gen II KMW Mk-1 Gen II DBM was designed by Terry Cross of KMW Long Range Solutions. Designed to fit the Surgeon SA DBM inlet, the KMW Mk-1 Detachable Bottom Metal was designed around the extremely successful KMW Sentinel DBM used in the world renowned KMW Sentinel stocks.

Premium Design and Manufacturing Features:  The KMW Mk-1 DBM bottom metal hardware features chamfers and bevels on all external and internal edges that can come into contact with the shooter's hand, magazine or other gear.  There are no sharp edges like can be found on economy DBMs from other manufacturers.  The addition of this simple design feature correctly on the finished part means utilizing more expensive CNC equipment and a little more process time per part but we absolutely believe it is worth the effort.

Low Profile Ambidextrous Magazine Release Latch:  Just like KMW's SENTINEL DBMs, the Mk-1 latch is very conformal and protected compared to many latch systems found on other DBMs.  This design minimizes snag points and decreases the likelihood of accidentally releasing the magazine during movement or transporting.  KMW was the first to incorporate a T- shaped release latch.

Well established inlet:  KMW's Mk-1 DBM utilizes the same inlet footprint and pinch-points as the KMW SENTINEL DBM and the Surgeon Short Action DBM which was based off of the KMW hardware.

What is included:  Each Mk-1 DBM bottom metal hardware set comes with pillars machined from 6061-T6 to the correct length to insure proper function with Remington M700 and all similar custom versions. Made in USA grade 8 stock bolts from HoloKrome are included. The Mk-1 is not priced or packaged with magazines due to the number of variable caliber and style variations that you could build to.