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Kelbly Actions

Kelbly Atlas Lite

$799.00 - $1,099.00
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The Kelbly Atlas Lite action is a Remington Semi-clone action, featuring a side bolt release and trigger hanger. This action can be easily fitted to any Remington 700 inlet stock or chassis system with very little to no modification. The Atlas Lite is made to extreme tolerances never heard of in a normal Remington action. The rear base is on a level plane with the front base, making it easier to have accurate alignment of optics. 


  • Short Action - 24oz, Long Action - 26oz
  • One piece Bolt with Aluminum Handle
  • Trigger Pins for fitting into any stock/chassis
  • Tilted TG Mechanical Ejector, Sako Extractor
  • Three Handle Options- Ball, Teardrop, or Tactical (Teardrop is standard)
  • BlackNitride Finish
  • Dual Pin .250” Recoil Lug
  • Short Action Magazine- ADL/BDL, Also works with AICS style magazines
  • Long Action Magazine- ADL/BDL, Also works with AICS CIP Length Magazines (3.850”)
  • For use with Hawkins Precision Direct Mount Rings (Stiller – Lone Peak Models)
  • Standard Atlas Rails work as well

Anti-Shear Bolt Stop

Launched in Quarter 1 of 2020, All Atlas, Nanook, Prometheus, or Atlas Lite actions feature the retrofittable anti-shear pivoting bolt stop. Designed to impact the action instead of the retention screw, this new bolt stop design will fit any existing Atlas action on the market. Gone are the days of broken bolt stop screws or the interim fix of the extreme duty bolt stop. If you have an older Atlas that is in need of a reliable bolt stop, give us a call to get your anti-shear bolt stop.