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Hawkins Precision TANK ST Self Timing Muzzle Brake

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New from Hawkins Precision comes the eagerly anticipated Tank ST muzzle brake. The Hawkins Precision TANK ST brake is a self-timing, 4 port muzzle brake engineered to greatly reduce felt recoil for precision rifle weapon systems. The Tank ST features a self-timing, locking collar design made in collaboration with Greg Young at Southern Precision Rifles. This unique design allows the shooter to install the Hawkins ST brake and lock down the collar so that it times on the barrel exactly the same way each and every time after it’s been removed.

The Hawkins Tank ST muzzle brake's straight 4-port design cuts recoil while also producing less concussion and blow back on the shooter. This reduces shooter fatigue over long strings of fire, or long days of shooting at precision rifle matches. The ports are also designed to collect less carbon, and thus need less maintenance.

Featuring a 3/8 Hex Bit opening in the front, the Hawkins Tank ST allows users the ability to consistently install the brake to the same torque value each and every time. This, in combination with it's locking collar, allows for consistent mounting with minimal to no POI shift when removing and reinstalling the brake. Hawkins Precision recommends installing at 65 to 100 in-lbs. 

Like all of Hawkins Precision's products, the Tank ST is made in USA, out of 17-4 Stainless Steel and is available in 6mm, 6.5mm, and 30 cal variants. Outside diameter is .990”, 5/8-24 thread.