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Custom Rifle Barrels

Custom Rifle Barrels Custom Cut-Rifled 30 Cal Barrels

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Custom Rifle Barrels makes precision rifle barrels for hunting, tactical shooting, and benchrest competition. CRB Barrels are 4 groove single point cut-rifled, hand lapped, and made using only the highest grade gun barrel quality stainless steel available. There's a reason why you'll find CRB Barrels on many of the top placing shooters in the Precision Rifle Series, the consistently flat out shoot.

Barrel Specs:

  • .300/.308 Bore and Groove Dimensions
  • 29" Barrel Length (Can finish 28" or shorter)
  • The CRB Competition Contour has a 1.250" shank diameter for 6.5", then tapers to 1.1" at the muzzle
  • Competition contour weight: 8lb 10.oz
  • M24 contour weight: 6lb 13.8oz