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Bore Tech's revolutionary PROOF-POSITIVE jags eliminate the annoying false indication of copper fouling in your bore caused by traditional brass jags. Traditional jags contain over 60% copper in their composition, resulting in the blue copper fouling color on your patch when no copper is present in the bore. By eliminating brass, one can effectively determine when a rifle bore is truly copper free and reduce wasted patches, chemical, and time.


1 Review

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    Bore Tech Proof-Positive Jags

    Posted by Mitch on Mar 7th 2023

    Great Tool. I must admit that i have not been using this kind of jag correctly. Some put the tip through the middle of the jag but that can make it hard to push through the barrel. Some, like me, typically just wrap the patch around the jag. This works well for some jags but not so much with the Bore Tech jag. After reading the How-To on the Bore Tech site, I realized that the correct way was to place the jag 3/4 the of the patch and pierce the jag closer to the end than the middle. Highly recommend reviewing their How-To section for Bore Tech