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Alpha Munitions 6XC LRP (Large Rifle Primer)

Alpha Munitions

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  • Alpha Munitions 6XC LRP (Large Rifle Primer)

Alpha Munition’s 6XC brass is optimized for chambers similar to 6XC II reamer spec. For the best performance we recommend a chamber diameter ranging between .4705 to .4714 at 0.200″off the bolt face, and a neck diameter between .274 to .276. 

-Primer pockets sized for small rifle primers



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    6XC Alpha Brass

    Posted by Ric on May 5th 2021

    This is really nice brass, measures out to work well in a 6XC II chamber. I'm using it in a 6XC with .275 neck, so far seems to work as well as the Norma. Love the ammo box when you purchase it 100 round pieces, this is the way high quality brass should be packaged. Alpha brass is great brass when you can get it.