MDT HNT26 CHASSIS SYSTEM (Remington 700)

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  • MDT HNT26 CHASSIS SYSTEM (Remington 700)
  • MDT HNT26 CHASSIS SYSTEM (Remington 700)
  • MDT HNT26 CHASSIS SYSTEM (Remington 700)
  • MDT HNT26 CHASSIS SYSTEM (Remington 700)
  • MDT HNT26 CHASSIS SYSTEM (Remington 700)
  • MDT HNT26 CHASSIS SYSTEM (Remington 700)
  • MDT HNT26 CHASSIS SYSTEM (Remington 700)
  • MDT HNT26 CHASSIS SYSTEM (Remington 700)
  • MDT HNT26 CHASSIS SYSTEM (Remington 700)
  • MDT HNT26 CHASSIS SYSTEM (Remington 700)



MDT's HNT26 Chassis System is designed for lightweight sport and tactical shooting. The MDT HNT26 Chassis System is MDT's first built for hunting chassis. This hunting chassis provides you with a v-block bedding, LOP and comb adjustment, AICS magazine compatibility but weighs in starting at a mere 26oz.

The MDT HNT26 Chassis is constructed of a magnesium alloy base, with a carbon fiber forend, a carbon fiber grip and a foam filled carbon fiber buttstock. With the increased number of hunters using ARCA tripods, we have included an option to choose a carbon fiber forend with an integral ARCA rail, as well as a foldable buttstock version for compact storage.


The MDT HNT26 Chassis System is being manufactured for the following bolt action rifle platforms:

  • Remington 700 Short Action (and clones)
  • Medium Action (Fits Lone Peak/Zermatt Medium Actions and Defiance XM+ Actions)
  • Remington 700 Long Action CIP 3.850 (and clones)


  • Chassis body machined from AZ61A magnesium alloy
  • Fixed and folding version available
  • Ultralight weight design weighing between 26oz and 31oz depending on configuration chosen (folding version and ARCA version increase weight to the high end of this scale)
  • Foam filled carbon fiber buttstock deadens sound, vibrations and felt recoil
  • Carbon Fiber components provide warm to touch feel
  • Designed to diminish snag points and provide superior ergonomics
  • Low profile mag latch integrates seamlessly into trigger guard
  • V-Block bedding system with free floating barrel
  • Will accommodate barrels up to 1.25” diameter
  • Compatible with AICS STYLE MAGAZINES
  • Front and rear QD
  • Front and rear sling swivel mounts
  • Vertically adjustable cheek riser with soft touch foam pad
  • 12.5” minimum length of pull with adjustable spacer system
  • Accepts most AR Grips but specifically designed with ultra lightweight Carbon fiber grip just over 1oz
  • Carbon fiber enclosed forend with MLOK, QD mount, Sling Swivel Mount
  • Cerekote finish in either Black Carbon Fiber or Cobalt Green
  • Titanium action / grip screws 
  • 5
    First class

    Posted by Garrett Roche on Jun 11th 2022

    Very well made, extremely light. Folding stock locks in both positions very tight, no movement at all

  • 5
    MDT HNT chassis

    Posted by Aaron Cottle on Dec 23rd 2021

    So I just got the chassis two weeks ago in a short action Remington clone. Color is black and I got the arca non-folding version but I own the arca folding version in cobalt green which is a sick color. It’s in short action but my other one is long action. The black looks great and will go perfect with a black carbon barrel. The weight is right at 26 oz without any spacers in non-folding version. I’m 6’4 and shoot with four spacers. For what it’s worth, with the long action chassis (HNT 26), arca Mount and the FOLDING MODEL the weight still came in very slightly less than 2 lbs! There is a tiny bit of play in the folding version which is absolutely acceptable. The non folding is extremely rigid. I liked the first so much I bought another one. I put 300 PRC in the LA and the SA will be 25 SST. They work great with a full arca rail. I’ve already shot 3 shot super tight groups just in load development so far with a 3 shot .10” including many others that were .25 ish so I know it’s improving accuracy. I know it’s expensive but when you consider a stock at $1,000 and add cups, texture, bottom metal etc it’s really a no brainer to me… especially as I don’t bed my chassis’s. If you’re going to bed a stock this chassis is an absolute no-brainer IMO! I absolutely love them! I put Hawkins ultralight rings on and was told (not by Altus) that you need the 1.25” for a 50mm bell but you could make the next size lower work no problem. To sum it up, it is a very rigid chassis but don’t over tighten the screws to attach the forend. I bought MDT’s lightweight 3 round 308/6.5 CM mag and it fits without hanging low at all so is perfect for hunting. Wish they’d make one in 300 WSM AND CIP length for the long action. Overall I’m 100% satisfied with the chassis. It helped me keep a setup with receiver, 24” carbon barrel, TT trigger, titanium brake, 4.5-22x FFP scope, rings and 3 round magazine under 8lbs! And it shoots amazing! You won’t regret it!