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Defiance Machine

Defiance Machine RUCKUS Tactical Medium Action (Rem 700 SA Footprint)

$1,595.00 - $1,695.00
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New from Defiance Machine comes the RUCKUS action. Sure to quickly become a favorite among the precision rifle community, the new Defiance RUCKUS is packed full of features that are sure to endear it to shooters everywhere. With headspace guaranteed to be +/- .001", the Defiance RUCKUS will be able to accept pre-barrels like other popular actions in the market.

Like everything Defiance Machine manufacturers, the RUCKUS is built to exacting tolerances and excels at accurately engaging long-range targets. Manufactured in Columbia Falls, Montana, the Defiance RUCKUS is built to exceed all expectations. 

  • Guaranteed headspace measurement +/- .001"
  • Class 3 Receiver Threads clocked for barrel engraving
  • Precision bolt action with a standard Remington 700 footprint for ease of stock selection and off-the-shelf custom fit
  • Designed for detachable box magazines (Accepts both AICS & AW Magazines)
  • Integral Mil Spec 1913 accessory rail ( 20 MOA)
  • Receiver machined from one piece of pre-hardened 416 stainless steel
  • Bolt machined from one piece of pre-hardened 4340 chrome moly and threaded for interchangeable knobs
  • Defiance primary extraction design significantly increases initial extraction and ensures smooth bolt cycling
  • Unparalleled close tolerances: Full-length lug ways are wire EDM-cut to limit stress in the receiver material
  • Small Diameter Firing Pin (.062")
  • Heavy Rear Tang
  • Recessed Bolt Nose (Recommended for repeaters)


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Defiance - Ruckus Video 


12 Reviews

  • 5
    Best ever!

    Posted by Ernie on Jan 21st 2024

    I love it! I’ve had absolutely zero problems. Smooth as glass. No regrets and worth every penny.

  • 5
    Stainless Ruckus Tactical

    Posted by Mahziar Fereydani on Aug 30th 2023

    I own 3 Ruckus Tactical and I can tell you once you shoot this action you can’t go back, silky smooth and so consistent.

  • 5
    Defiance ruckus action with proof barrel

    Posted by Glenn on Jul 13th 2023

    working with Josh was fast and easy. Built a Defiance ruckus action with pre-fit proof barrel in 223 , Just back from range 1st 25rounds of federal match factory ammo did 1/4 -1/3 moa @100yards. Great build ,Thanks for the great service Josh

  • 5
    Silky Smooth

    Posted by Bart R on May 13th 2023

    This is the 4th Defiance action for me from Altus. This one is the stainless SA 308 bolt face. The action is super smooth like it’s on ball bearings! I had Josh and Altus spin up a 28” 1.25” Bartlein Barrel for in 6BR. All I can say is WOW! The action not only beautiful in appearance, but in function as well! Josh and team at Altus always make buying from them a super awesome experience! Thanks guys!

  • 5
    Super smooth action!

    Posted by Bart Rice on Aug 27th 2022

    I love the attention to details and the finish is super nice on both the receiver and the bolt! Excellent craftsmanship and very robust! Looking forward to getting one in Nitride next.

  • 5
    Defiance SA Action

    Posted by Jason on May 20th 2022

    Action feels great , smooth and looks good too. Quality is obvious and i cant wait to spin on my barrel !!!

  • 5

    Posted by Matt Vanzant on Mar 21st 2022

    I purchased this action a couple of weeks ago. This is my first Defiance action. I also have an Impact 737r and Bighorn TL3. This Rcukus is right on par with them, maybe even runs just a tad smoother. All three are TOP quality and can't be beat. Buy this action with confidence from Altus. I ordered a "prefit shouldered" barrel from Hawk Hill without them even measuring the Ruckus, and it headspaced perfectly. You won't go wrong with this Ruckus, Impact, or Bighorn (Zermatt).

  • 5
    Defiance ruckus

    Posted by Steven springer on Jan 10th 2022

    Fit and finish are amazing, haven’t finished my build but it easy to cock with the long bolt knob and dlc finish is done perfect.. no buyers remorse.. love Altus!!

  • 5
    Ruckus SA Nitride, Std BF

    Posted by Chris on Dec 29th 2021

    Received the action 2 days from time of shipment. Was ahead of the projected date, which was a pleasant surprise. Bolt is silky smooth and timed very well from the box to my TT Diamond 2 Stage. The action is with my smith getting a barrel spun and dimensions recorded. While these actions are “guaranteed headspace” they do vary by a couple “thou”. I had the barrel from my other Defiance action spun on to check, and this one is about .002” longer. Not a complaint, but would have been amazing if they were within .001”. Buy with confidence, both from Altus and Defiance. I have needed to use Defiance CS in the past and had the repair performed and back in my hands (AL > MT > AL) in less than 72 hours from dropping it off at the parcel carrier. I challenge anyone to beat that kind of support.