The ALTUS Story


Since the inception of CORE Shooting Solutions in May of 2015, we have strived to create a brand that accurately portrays our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement as a company. It was, and continues to be, equally important to us that our brand also be one that is original, honest, and authentic. Over the years we have fought through the growing pains that many small businesses experience and have managed to mold our brand into one that, we feel, is both a familiar and respected name within the industry. With that growth, the realization has come that we are not alone in identifying under the CORE moniker within the firearms community. Rather than face the possibility of confusion between brands or potential conflict amongst these companies, we made the difficult decision to establish a new name for our company… one that remained original, honest, and authentic. So, with that decision made, the search began.

Our goal was simple, or so we initially thought. Choose a name that allows us to continue building upon the framework we’ve already established, while at the same time accurately portraying who we are and what we represent. Whether it be chasing pheasants and whitetails in Western Kansas, hiking mountain trails in all corners of this great country, or chasing tarpon and redfish down the beautiful Emerald Coast, the four of us all share a storied past and deep love for the outdoors. It’s because of this that we have always thought of ourselves as an outdoor lifestyle company, one that shares many of the same passions for the shooting disciplines and outdoors that all of you do. Coming up with a name that we felt was profound and had the depth to support this vision proved to be a good bit more difficult than we may have originally anticipated. But, after multiple meetings around a campfire, way too many newfound grey hairs, enough late night text conversations to last a lifetime, and what was surely an unhealthy amount of coffee, Altus Shooting Solutions came to life. 

The Altus Shooting Solutions mission remains unchanged from what it began as back on that day in May of 2015: to provide you, the outdoorsman and true firearms enthusiast, with an original experience not typically found anywhere else. And, to be perfectly honest with all of you, over the last few years that is exactly what you have given back to us… an experience not typically found anywhere else. Whether you’re looking to join the range and become a member, improve your shooting skills by enrolling in one of our classes, or just need to upgrade your equipment, we look forward to sharing everything ALTUS has to offer with what we consider to be our most valuable asset…our customers.