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The ALTUS Comprehensive Reloading Course

Altus Shooting Solutions

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  • The ALTUS Comprehensive Reloading Course

SCOPE: The ALTUS Basic Reloading Course is designed to provide an introduction to precision rifle reloading. Whether you are completely new to reloading and own no reloading equipment or you are an experienced reloader who wants to get more in-depth technical training on how to load the most consistent and accurate ammunition possible with your reloading setup...this course will address your needs.  

We will cover the following topics:

*An introduction to Precision Rifle Reloading and Reloading Safety

*The use of reloading manuals and reloading data

*Reloading process of case preparation from a fired cartridge or new brass to a loaded cartridge

*Component selection process

*Hands on cartridge reloading

*Equipment selection and proper setup

*Testing ammunition and analyzing data from tested loads

*All these topics and many more


FORWARD: The course curriculum will be a moderate paced class with a lot of information covered in 1 day. Note taking is highly recommended.



CLASS SIZE: The minimum amount of students for this course is five.
Hours shown do not reflect required daily maintenance, transportation to and from training areas, breaks for meals, etc