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***Sold Out 1 MIL RIGHT Advanced Sniper Course for Law Enforcement

1 Mil Right

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  • ***Sold Out 1 MIL RIGHT Advanced Sniper Course for Law Enforcement


What: 4 Day/40 Hour Course - Advanced Sniper Coures L.E.
Where: ALTUS Shooting Center - Baker, FL


Minimum of Basic Sniper Certification is preferred. Students MUST know their gear and be familiar with Mil and/or MOA adjustments and terminology. Students MUST be comfortable and familiar with all kit while under stress and/or low light.

Must provide current L.E. Credentials or U.S.Military Credentials.


Course curriculum is comprehensive and the tasks of each day are paced at a high tempo. Individual skill assessments are made at the beginning and end of this course. Continuous feedback and data is given to the student so that you have something tangible to document your progress.

A combination of classroom and range time is balanced to insure that each student builds to and meets or exceeds performance goals set for this class level. Each skill set is built upon fundamentals logically layered through each stage of this class.

Full spectrum of weapon use from 25 yards to 300 yards will be covered.

Emphasis will be on:

* Non-traditional shooting positions.              

* Rapid deployment and setup.

* Setup and executing from irregular surfaces and roof tops.

* At least 6 hours of range time will be low-light/no-light. This will be split into two nights.

* Multiple target engagement.               

* Moving target engagement 50 yards to 300 yds.

* Engagements on partial targets behind cover.

* Engagements on priority targets blended into heavy mix of no-shoot targets.

A multitude of other topics will be discussed and worked.

Range time will terminate with a re-shoot of the short range Proficiency Course that is shot on Day 1.

Terry Cross ensures a professional and hands on environment.   Emphasis is placed on continuous communication between Instructor and Student.   As such, each Student is treated with respect as allowed within our ability to offer a safe training environment for all parties

***Lodging at the cabin is included as part of the tuition package. The cabin is approximately 5 minutes from the range itself.

Interested parties can contact Terry Cross at shown below with any questions regarding the course