Manners "T" for Remington 700

Manners Composite Stocks

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  • Manners "T" for Remington 700


The Manners Composite Stocks T is one of Manners' more traditional hunting style stocks. With the MCS-DBM Mini Chassis, the Manners T with the Elite Tactical shell weighs in at 2.8 lbs, making it a great stock for a lightweight hunting rifle. 

With the standard 1" Pachmayer decal pad, the stock features a 13.5" length of pull and has a forend wide enough to accept a #8 barrel, which is approximately 1.125" in diameter at the tip of the stock.


  • Right Hand Remington 700 Short Action Inlet
  • 100% Carbon Fiber Elite Tactical Shell
  • Gen 2 MCS-DBM Mini Chassis
  • Remington Sendero/Varmint Barrel Inlet
  • 1" Pachmayer Decel Pad
  • 1 Bipod Stud Front, Flush Cups Left Hand Side