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  • ALTUS Intro to Precision Rifle Course

SCOPE: The ALTUS Introduction to Precision Rifle Course covers rifle set up and torque specs, mechanics of the scope, fundamentals of marksmanship, rifle and scope manipulation, zeroing and confirmation of zero, gathering data, use of a ballistic application, atmospherics, shooter spotter communication, wind reading and building positions using forward support (barricades)

PREREQUISITES: All students attending should have a durable rifle that is capable of 1MOA accuracy at 100 yards, scope with target turrets, bi-pod, rear bag, sling, 200 rounds of ammunition and all necessary comfort items.

FORWARD: The AIPR course is designed for students that are entering the world of long range rifle marksmanship. The challenges of engaging targets at distance can be intimidating to say the least and setting the equipment up for the individual shooter is the first crucial step that is often overlooked. The intro course will build solid shooting fundamentals and data that the shooter will be able to take anywhere and successfully engage targets at distances, up to and beyond, 1000 yards. Additionally, the intro course is designed so that the shooter will be able to trouble shoot problems with the rifle, scope or ammunition.



Key Course Topics

  • Rifle setup and maintenance
  • Scope setup and maintenance
  • Fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Understanding Natural Point of Aim
  • Establishing and confirming rifle/scope zero
  • Shooter spotter communication and holds
  • Introduction to internal and external ballistics
  • Introduction to wind reading/estimation
  • Data gathering, data confirmation, and scope/reticle manipulation
  • Building a solid position with front support(barricades)
  • Understanding and engaging moving targets
  • Skills Test (Timed Precision Rifle competition stage scenarios)
  • 5
    Great Course, Great Instructors

    Posted by Arvin Meyer on Aug 19th 2018

    The quality of instruction is unsurpassed. I am elderly and disabled, but with the fantastic quality of the instructors, I was able to improve my skills by at least 30%. There was so much information to absorb that I plan to take this course again before I move on to the advanced level course.

  • 5
    Wonderful Class

    Posted by Timothy Mallory on May 20th 2018

    The class I attended was led by Terry Cross and Jon Farr. The entire class far exceeded my expectations. These gentlemen brought a wealth of information and experience, and presented it in a format that was both challenging and easy to understand. I highly recommend both the class and these instructors for anyone wanting to learn or improve at longer range precision shooting.

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    Exceeded all expectations.

    Posted by Cain Frey on Sep 25th 2017

    Ryan and Spencer were awesome, extremely knowledgeable and helpful men. In 16 hours of training, I went from being a 100yd shooter to 900+.

  • 5
    Awesome Course

    Posted by Jeffrey Abraham on Aug 8th 2017

    The course was a great course that really laid the foundation for long range shooting. Both Ryan and Matty were great in the classroom and on the range. They made the concepts very easy to understand and were very adaptable to the wide range of students in the class. I would highly recommend this course for those that want to build their confidence on shooting longer ranges. After leaving the course I have no hesitation getting behind the rifle for shots of 1,000 yards and beyond. I will no doubt be back to take more courses from both Ryan and Matty. Thanks for a great course.

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    Very Solid Course

    Posted by Lindy Bailey on Aug 4th 2017

    Long time NRA High Power and Long Range guy who thought I might skip this Intro and go to the Advanced course first. Wrong.... Many, many new concepts that added significantly to my rifle skills, especially for random target sizes and distances. Ryan and Matty were very patient and professional and fun to boot. Highly recommend this course to anyone serious about riflery, whether it's hunting, competitions or just for the pleasure of shooting mid to long range with confidence.

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    Darn good course!!

    Posted by James Legg on Apr 28th 2017

    Ryan and Matty do an excellent job of instruction. The facilities are awesome. Course format met my needs to the T. I left the course not even thinking twice about being behind the glass on a 1000 yd shot.
    thanks Ryan and Matty

  • 5
    Awesome, Awesome Course

    Posted by Mike Lawson on Feb 15th 2016

    This course was by far THE BEST money I've spent in training material, videos, etc. The instruction (both classroom and practical) was outstanding. What I learned in the course saved me in time, ammo and unnecessary equipment purchases more than what I paid for the course itself. I've been hunting/shooting my whole life so, like many who attend, some of the classroom material covered was more of a refresher, but even then it filled in gaps and gave me the opportunity to ask questions. The top aspects of the training for me were 1) Getting feedback on positional shooting from the instructors (Bryan Morgan and Bryan Sikes in my case) while actually shooting, 2) Gaining all sorts of practical information on how to approach and improve my shooting at long distances, and 3) Learning what aspects of shooting to focus on so I don't major on the minors.
    I'm glad I decided to sign up for the intro course before the advanced course. I learned a ton and have more than enough instruction to take home and put into practice. Can't say enough about the facilities and the instructors.

  • 5
    Great Course!

    Posted by Nik on Jul 15th 2015

    I learned so much in this course. Would recommend it to everyone I know.