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  • ALTUS Intro to Pistol Course

ALTUS Introduction Pistol Course 

TIME: 8:00am

Course Duration: 8hrs 


While this is a basic level course, students at a minimum should have basic weapons handling skills. You will need to be able to load, unload and put your weapon into operation safely and effectively.


Weapons and Gear:

Below you will find a list of minimum equipment that will be necessary to complete the course.

While not necessary, you may want to consider some of the items on the recommended gear list as it can greatly enhance your training experience. Much of this gear can be found in the Altus Range Pro Shop.



Serviceable Handgun - We generally do not recommend anything less than 9mm.  Smaller caliber handguns often utilize low-capacity magazines which can diminish training time. However, if you have a handgun in a caliber less than 9mm you want to train with you are more than welcome to attend!

Minimum of 3 serviceable magazines

Minimum of 2 spare magazine pouches

Eye and ear protection

Weather appropriate clothing

Serviceable Outside the Waistband Kydex or Equivalent Holster- Holster must have appropriate amount of retention and not fall out while kneeling, turning quickly or jogging. This course is NOT designed for concealed holster users. Altus offers specific Concealed Carry/Low Vis courses if your goal is to train from concealment.

500 rounds of ammunition

Any equipment the individual cannot provide must be communicated to ALTUS prior to the beginning of training. ALTUS will fill the shortages on a case-by-case basis.



  • We recommend bringing lunch, drinks, and snacks for the duration of the course. Bottled water is available at the range. 



Comfortable Battle Belt/Gun Belt with a dump pouch and two pistol magazine carriers with good retention

Individual First Aid Kit with Tourniquet

Multitool (Sight Adjustment, Weapons Maintenance etc.)

Shooting Gloves (if preferred)



Course Cotent:

Handgun Overview, uses, limitations, ammunition selection and safety

Fundamentals of marksmanship

Draw Stroke


Engagements from Cover and Concealment

Rapid Fire Engagements

Single Hand Engagements

Multiple Target Engagements and Discrimination

Shooting on the Move


Range Amenities: 

Full Service Mens and Women’s Restrooms

Free Wifi access

Restaurant grade ice machine

Shaded pavilion 

Soft Drink Machine

Full service onsite Pro Shop! 



  • 5
    Overall a Great Course for Pistol Introduction and Confidence Training

    Posted by John Spitznagel on Jul 2nd 2022

    This course instructed by Josh A. was outstanding. He covered a multitude of topics including various pistol calibers and their purposes, different pistol action types, trigger control, dry-fire techniques, grip techniques for controlling recoil, drawing from a holster, reloading, and shooting on the move. These may seem like topics that would typically be covered after an introductory course, however the way the topics were presented and instructed makes it easy for someone relatively new to firearms gain the confidence they need to become proficient. It takes more than shooting static on a flat range at a single target to become competent with a pistol, especially when training for personal defense, and this course provides the necessary foundation for shooters to continue developing those skills on their own. As someone who has been shooting firearms for most of their life, I was amazed at how much I learned and I realized how much further I have to go in my firearms training.

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    Intro To Pistol

    Posted by Brandon on Jun 28th 2022

    I wanted to leave this review about Josh but the website wouldn't allow me to post it on the course page. I took this class on 06/25 and I HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone that is new or to anyone that has been carrying for years. Josh has a wealth of knowledge that he clearly wants to transfer to others. I left this course feeling more confident in my pistol handling/shooting skills. The way he articulated the information and taught the class made it very personal and easy to understand. Even though this class was in a group, it was about as one on one as it could get without paying for private lessons. I’ll be looking forward to taking his Advance Pistol class and carbine classes. Aside from Josh's review I also wanted to give a shot-out to how awesome Mikes pictures were. Top notch camera work. Thank you again for taking the time to take pictures.

  • 5
    A MUST for Pistol/EDC fundamentals

    Posted by Blake Reese on Jun 26th 2022

    Intro to pistol was by far the most informative and transformative days I have had behind my pistol. It had the perfect mix of class and range time. One of Joshs best skills as a teacher is that he will meet you at your level and tailor his instruction to the indidual shooter. Often times a one size fits all approach can feel robotic and uncomfortable. Not the case here! There was steady progression and flow from drill to drill that helped me to build confidence with each step. In particular, this class is a must for EDC fundamentals. Good communication and a sense of humor will get Josh some style points as well... Looking forward to taking the advanced course! Well done sir.

  • 5
    Great place to learn how to shoot

    Posted by You Feng Ou on Sep 25th 2019

    Rodney is great! I learned a lot in a day and shoot much better!

  • 5
    Great Instructor, Great Facility

    Posted by Terel on Feb 15th 2018

    Ok, I think it’s well established Matty is a great instructor and that this class is beneficial. It’s true plus he’s smart and entertaining especially for an army guy. I had a hard time deciding wether I should take the intro class since I had a lot of experience but decided to go ahead with the intro to make sure I had good fundamentals. It was the right choice. I also brought my wife along and Matty might have saved my marriage!
    I learned Better techniques for:
    Aiming/not giving up on front sight
    Recoil management
    Grip technique

    My wife got a lot from the course but mostly for her it was improvements in slow fire accuracy.

    By the end of the course everyone was faster and more accurate.

    Only thing I would change would be to allow some consolations due to weather especially when women or children are involved. I got lucky and the weather was surprisingly good for the day. If it had rained I probably would have either wasted a lot of money or slept on the couch for a while.

    Matty, thanks again for the help breaking bad habits forced upon my by the AF. I look forward to taking other courses you teach.

  • 5
    Great Class

    Posted by Jeff Cain on Feb 11th 2018

    Matty was entertaining and a great teacher! Covered a lot of ground and got in a lot of trigger time. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to up their pistol game.

  • 5
    Intro to pistol 2/10/2018

    Posted by Bryan Newton on Feb 10th 2018

    While I had shot pistols a small amount, I had never had any formal training. If you want to learn the "right" way to build good habits this is the class to do it. Matty Nelson is duly qualified and is able to not only diagnose issues but put you on a path to correct them. This course was a fun filled day with loads of skills and training that you can definitely build upon to become the marksman you want to be. I will definitely be recommending CORE to all my friends and anyone who asks. Thanks again Matty!

  • 5
    Intro to Pistol and Carbine

    Posted by David Cook on Nov 19th 2017

    I have been shooting for almost 50 years but had never had any type of training before. I took the Intro to Pistol class with Matty Nelson on 9/23/2017 and learned so much. He has a gift for training that makes things stick with you whether on the range or things that you can do away from the range to build muscle memory and continue with drills to practice what he teaches you. He stressed safety first all day and was vigilant in watching us and didn’t mind taking time to explain something. His sense of humor kept the training fun and interesting. I highly recommend Core Shooting and Matt for your training needs, you won’t regret the decision. I also took the Intro to Carbine training 3 weeks later with Matty and again learned valuable skills and tips.

  • 5
    Great Investment

    Posted by Sam Coons on Apr 4th 2017

    Can not say enough positive things about this class with Matt Nelson. Extremely knowledgeable in teaching fundamentals as well as getting the class to think about the use of a firearm in a defensive scenario. I took so many things away to work on, was the best training investment I've ever made. I will echo all the great comments about Matt's style, just a true professional and fun to be around for a day.

    Thanks Matt! For your service to this great nation as well as a superb day at the range.

  • 5
    4 Decades of Shooting - Best Class Yet!

    Posted by AL BYRNE on Apr 3rd 2017

    I recently had the opportunity to participate in the Intro to Pistol class with Instructor Matt Nelson at the CORE shooting facility in Baker, FL. Our class was composed of many varied levels of shooting proficiency from novice to near competition level. As an Instructor, Matt has the uncanny ability to assess the individual needs of each student and to tweak his instruction to challenge each shooter to become more proficient and to exceed their individual goals for the class. His training style is light hearted and entertaining when appropriate, yet serious when it comes to the safety of his students and weapons operation. Matt’s sense of humor is woven through his instruction and makes learning about the safe and proficient use of a handgun a pleasure.
    Although I have participated in the shooting sports for more than four decades and have been fortunate enough to have trained with many well-known shooting instructors, I can honestly say that I have never learned as much in a single day as I did with Matt. Regardless of your personal skill level or experience, I would highly recommend this course and Matt as an Instructor.
    I can’t wait to train with him again!