ALTUS Custom "J Allen Enterprises" Precision Rifle

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  • ALTUS Custom "J Allen Enterprises" Precision Rifle

Our take on the ideal Precision/PRS style competition rifle based on the J Allen Enterprises  platform. Able to be built on Bighorn TL3, Defiance Deviant, and Impact 737R actions and in many popular calibers, this rifle can be ordered to your preferred specs if the model you'd prefer is not currently available.


  • Defiance Machine Deviant Tactical, Bighorn TL3, Impact Precision 737R, or Surgeon 591 Action
    * 20 MOA Integral Rail
    * Small Diameter Firing Pin (.062")
    * Cut to Accept AICS & AW Magazines
  • Bartlein, Hawk Hill Custom, PROOF Research, or MullerWorks Cut-Rifled Barrel
    * Available in 22CF, 6mm, 6.5mm, 30 Cal Calibers
  • J Allen Enterprises JAE-700 Chassis
    * Available in Standard Colors, with or without Nose Art, and Assorted Camo Patterns
    * Available with ARCA-2 or ARCA-6 Rail, JAE Bag Rider, and/or JAE Night Vision Rail
  • TriggerTech Rem 700 Special Trigger
  • American Precision Arms Gen 2 Little Bastard, Area 419 Hellfire, or Impact Precision Shooting Muzzle Brake.