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  • ALTUS Advanced Precision Rifle Course

SCOPE: The ALTUS Advanced Precision Rifle Course covers rifle set up and torque specs, mechanics of the scope, fundamentals of marksmanship, rifle and scope manipulation, zeroing and confirmation of zero, gathering data, custom ballistic curves, creating dope cards for other locations, shooter spotter communication, wind reading, building positions using forward support (barricades), moving targets, loop hole, no line of sight shots, Stage Prep, mind set and timed stress events

PREREQUISITES: All students attending should have a durable rifle that is capable of 1MOA accuracy at 100 yards, scope with target turrets, bi-pod, rear bag, sling, 300 rounds of ammunition, binoculars or monocular(recommended), kestrel(recommended), ballistic app(recommended), and all necessary comfort items.

COURSE LENGTH: 2 day course 

COURSE HOURS:  16 Hours/2 day

Key Course Topics

  • Rifle setup and maintenance
  • Scope setup and maintenance
  • Fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Understanding Natural Point of Aim
  • Establishing and confirming rifle/scope zero
  • Shooter spotter communication and holds
  • Introduction to internal and external ballistics
  • Introduction to wind reading/estimation
  • Data gathering, data confirmation, and scope/reticle manipulation
  • Building a solid position with front support (barricades)
  • Understanding and engaging moving targets
  • Mind set and stage prep
  • Skills Test (Timed Precision Rifle competition stage scenarios)
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    Posted by O Parker on Jan 26th 2021

    Range and setting was top shelf. Course was good, the right amount of class time to shooting time. Spenser was excellent. Heading there for a one day tournament soon. OP

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    Awesome course!!

    Posted by Carlos Bayron on Sep 23rd 2018

    Just participated in this course during 8/31-9/2. The time was divided into morning lectures and afternoon shooting and implementation of knowledge. We have students with all different ranges of knowledge and experiences. The facilities are awesome, modern and are well maintained. Classes are in a private room. We practice shooting at a covered area during the rain. The instructors Ryan and John are awesome showing and teaching their trade. They really keep us on target! Impact!!Highly recommended this course!!

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    Advance rifle course

    Posted by Carlos Bayron , MD on Sep 21st 2018

    Recently completed the advanced precision rifle course from 8/31 to 9/1 3 days of classroom lessons and practical shooting. The content of the lectures are very useful and updated. 2-3 hours later you are at the range applying their content. We used more than 260 rounds! Students with different levels of knowledge learn and help each other’s. The facilities are very modern and well keap. ( Looks more like a golf course). We even were undercover during a summer rain storm. The instructions are awesome! Thank you Ryan and John for making this such a great leaning and practical experience.Hope to participate on the next Long Range Rifle Course!

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    Best Money Ever spent

    Posted by Lane Bulger on Sep 5th 2018

    I've watched long range shooting videos, researched online, and read books. I was blown away by the knowledge of Ryan Castle and John Farr. They covered basics and fundamentals. They took time with each shooter and corrected any mistakes. If you don't take class your missing out. Can't say enough about the class.

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    Top shelf

    Posted by George Rice on Sep 12th 2016

    Anyone who owns a firearm owes it to themselves to get the best instruction possible to handle it safely and operate it proficiently. I have taken 2 courses with Bryan and they are the go to training facility . They have some of the nicest , most knowledgable , experienced people conducting the training in the industry. Not only will you be beyond happy with the training but you will also make friends with the staff that extends far beyond your class. I would recommend this facility to anyone looking to improve their skill set and comfort level with whatever firearm you want to train with .