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ALTUS Advanced Competitive Pistol Course

Altus Shooting Solutions

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  • ALTUS Advanced Competitive Pistol Course

Date: TBD

The ALTUS Advanced Competitive Pistol Course is a unique and challenging course that is structured to give shooters the knowledge and skill set to progress in a competitive environment. The course will be conducted primarily in a series of USPSA & Steel Challenge style stages where students will be evaluated and coached repeatedly through each simulation. 

PREREQUISITE: All students attending must have basic weapons handling skills, able to safely load and unload a weapon, and put it into operation effectively. Students who lack basic marksmanship skills are recommended to attend a ALTUS Intro to Pistol course. This is not an intro course; the drills conducted in this course are advanced and require a great deal of tactical competence.


Serviceable pistol of at least 9mm caliber

Minimum of 3 serviceable magazines

Minimum of 1 double magazine pouch

Eye and Ear protection

Serviceable holster (Kydex preferred, NO LEATHER HOLSTERS)

500 rounds of ammunition

Any equipment the individual cannot provide must be communicated to CORE prior to the beginning of training. CORE will fill the shortages on a case-by-case basis.



Key Course Topics

  • Fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Immediate and remedial action pistol
  • Rapid aimed fire
  • Multiple target indexing
  • Shooting while moving
  • Shooting from compromised positions
  • Shooting from retention
  • Shooting strong hand only
  • Transition to support side
  • Skills Test
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    You make me a believer; You break me down and build me up

    Posted by Charles Swartz on Jan 28th 2018

    To be honest, I was skeptical about taking this course at first, due to the slightly higher prices of CORE courses compared to those I have attended in the past with nationally known instructors. I can say after attending the class that the value is indeed there. Not only is the CORE Shooting Solutions facility top notch, but Rodney May is a good instructor and very charismatic. Even as an already competent shooter, I learned a lot, including a new and arguably better way to shoot the pistol quickly and accurately without as much fade in performance from fatigue. While the class has a competition focus, all the skills learned were fundamentals of shooting that are also relevant to law enforcement and the armed civilian. I would not hesitate in the future to take any other classes with Rodney and I would recommend this course to anyone looking to advance their skills with a pistol.

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    Top Tier Instruction

    Posted by John Teague on Jan 28th 2018

    Rodney's course is a must for anyone wanting to improve their skill with a pistol. Either Defenseive or Competiton. His training and drills provide dynamic challenges for any skill level all while having a great time. I highly recommend taking his course.

  • 5

    Posted by Dave Rocca on Jan 28th 2018

    Buy one get one . Now let me explain why I feel that is what I got ....I have been shooting for fun for many years and have only started competitive shooting ( 2 gun) last year and I came into this class expecting to get knowledge/skill set that would help me shave time ( which I got) . But the BOGO is by which the style that Rodney and Betty teach .That being in how to evaluate, present and execute a stage can be used in a real world application . Which in my opinion is the best way to train because you are being efficient with motion .You never know when your life or that of your family may need you to step up to the plate and react in a milli-second and in that moment all calculated thinking is not functioning and you have to react and muscle memory/instinct kick in , that's the BOGO you get in training with Rodney and Betty . And as Arnold once said " I'll be back" .
    Thank you both