4OUR SQUARE Quad Load Shotshell Caddy (12ga)

Invictus Practical

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  • 4OUR SQUARE Quad Load Shotshell Caddy (12ga)


The Invictus Practical AARM/S Quad-Load family is a unique shotshell caddy system built specifically for the Quad-Load technique - but which works perfectly for Load-Two, as well.

 Featuring an innovative, purpose-designed shell clip which nests shells so close that their rims touch - yet retains each shell independently - and utilizing a one-of-a-kind 1/8" vertical offset between adjacent shell rows that keeps the "bottom" shells down and out of your way until you're ready for them (when grabbing two-at-a-time, Load-Two style), the Quad-Load line of shotshell caddies is perfect for the shooter who values flexibility, adjustability, and wants to Quad-Load AND / OR Load-Two - all in one kit.

Robust "Straight / Square" units attach directly to a Tek-Lok (included) via two 18-8 stainless binding posts for the simplest, strongest, lowest-profile solution possible - which will never, ever, rotate


*12 Gauge
*Quad-Load & Load-Two
*Mod_0.A Direct-Attach hardware
*Includes Blade-Tech Tek-Lok