Betty Wilson


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As a young parent in 1996 I graduated from Hinds Community College with Associate Degrees’ in Criminal Justice and Paralegal, accompanied by an Academic Scholarship. In April of 1998 I started working at the Warren County Sheriff’s Department. In April of 1999 I was hired at my local police department and went to the MS Law Enforcement Police Academy and returned 10 weeks later as 1 of 3 Women Law Enforcement Officers. While at the academy I sustained a back injury that has tremendously affected my life. Shortly after, I married my husband who was later killed in the line of duty on May 17th, 2009.  While coping with his death, in early 2010 I was introduced to USPSA.  I fell in love with shooting and the USPSA. I am forever grateful for the USPSA taking me in as family and helping me survive losing my husband. From 2010 to 2016 I spent shooting and working every major match I could while earning my Range Officer and Chief Range Officer certifications. During 2013 I attended The Well-Armed Woman Class where I received my certification along with my NRA Certification for Basic Pistol/Home Protection and started my business Classic Firearms Training LLC. Since then I have spent the majority of my time at the range either training, shooting, or teaching. I started my current partnership in 2017, when I became a part of the ALTUS family and I couldn’t be happier.